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The ELCLEAN system has been designed to eliminate dust and similar contaminating elements in production lines where space is limited, by means of powerful air blades and a highly efficient vacuum system.

ELCLEAN offers:

  • Cleaning of one or both sides of the web simultaneously
  • Low operation and service costs
  • No interference with web guiding
  • No interference with web tension
  • No distortion of the web
  • ·Possibility to combine the system with brushing units
  • Cleaner air at the customer’s workplace
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased sales margins by reducing material rejects

Area of use

The continuous cleaning system has been designed to provide a “contact” or “non-contact” cleaning process for narrow and wide webs. It can be easily integrated at the entry or exit of existing production lines.

Suitable for:

  • Digitally and conventionally printed fabrics
  • Raised/napped fabrics
  • Sueded fabrics
  • Fleece fabrics
  • Coated fabrics
  • Contaminated fabrics in general


ELCLEAN is a modular cleaning system suitable for multiple applications. It eliminates dust and similar impurities wherever space is limited and a high vacuum capacity is required.

The system is available both in cantilever design and in a version with double supports for wide webs. It can be integrated into new/existing production lines or work as a stand-alone machine.

Web cleaning

ELCLEAN textile web cleaning system

ELCLEAN textile web cleaning system

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