Print inspection systems

Undetected errors during web production cause high costs and material waste. Our inspection systems guarantee 100% quality control across the entire web width, even for the detection of complex errors that are almost impossible to spot.

Depending on the application and material, the Erhardt+Leimer control systems for inspection can even detect the smallest, lowest contrast defects and can classify them. This allows production processes to be optimized. The webs can reach higher speeds and production can become more efficient overall.

Web monitoring systems

Modern printing machines achieve production speeds of up to 800 m/min. However, from printing speeds of 30-50 m/min it is no longer possible to visually assess the print quality fully in roll-to-roll production. Therefore, web monitoring systems, such as the tried and trusted ELSCAN from Erhardt+Leimer, are essential.

Metal detection systems

During the finishing of textile webs, there is a risk of small metallic particles entering the woven or knitted fabric as a result of the different processing steps. If these are not fully detected, there is a risk of expensive resulting damage to the calender or shear blade. A metal detection system from Erhardt+Leimer will reliably protect your production.

Surface inspection systems for tire production

Flawless surfaces are one of the key quality characteristics in the tire industry. Any flaws in the rubberization of tire cord or holes or dirt in rubber webs will lead to rejects. If defects are still not detected during the final check, the result can be expensive complaints. Only an efficient, automated surface inspection system of the type offered by Erhardt+Leimer will allow you to meet the highest quality requirements at an acceptable price.