Sensor roller PD 30

Product information

  • Aluminum roller with fixed axle and two integrated load cells
  • For straightforward installation between the side walls
  • Highly reliable in operation thanks to overload protection up to 10 times the nominal measuring force
  • Different roller diameters from 80 to 200 mm ensure maximum flexibility
  • For measurements in a horizontal direction, the weight of the roller does not affect the measured result
  • Good thermal behavior and high degree of linearity of the measuring elements due to strain gauge application on a flat surface
  • The high value of the web load cell spring constant permits a high maximum operating speed for the measuring roller
Accuracy class0,5
Nominal characteristic value (sensitivity)1m V/V
Combined error< 0,5 %
Characteristic value tolerance0,20%
Measuring principleFull bridge strain gauge
Nom. resistance of strain gauge bridge700 Ohm
Bridge supply voltage10 V (nominal value)
 14 V (max. permissible value)
AreaMax. 0 to 18 mV (at 1.8 x nominal force and 10 V bridge supply)
Mechanical stop1.2 to 1.8 x FN depending on type
Operating load1,2 to 1,8 FN
Limit load10 x FN
Nominal measuring deflection0.15 to 0.25 mm depending on type
Nominal temperature range - 10 to + 60° C
Operating temperature range- 10 to + 70° C
Temperature coefficient±0,3 %/10 K (characteristic value)
 ±0,3 %/10 K (zero point))
Protection ratingIP 50
Permissible axial lateral forceMax. 1 x FN
Connection cable6 x 0.14 mm2 , 5 m/10 m long

sensor roller PD 30 
Typeø d (mm)NB min. (mm)NB max. (mm)L min. (mm)ø d (mm)ThreadNominal measuring force FN per roller (kN)
PD 3008803001200NB + 1020M 120,20,41
PD 30101003001800NB + 1020M 120,30,61,5
PD 30121204002500NB + 1020M 120,30,61,5
PD 30161606003000NB + 1040M 160,621,23
PD 30202006003000NB + 1040M 160,61,23

roller surface PD 30 
Surface indexSurface
01Bare Ra 3.2 (standard)
02Wound with rubber cork
03Fine blasted with glass corundum Ra 6.3, hard anodized, layer thickness 30 μm 450 HV
04Hard anodized, Ra 3.2, layer thickness 30 μ m 450 HV
05Spiral groove left + right, pitch 40 mm, groove radius 6 mm, groove depth 0.25 mm
13Rough blasted with glass corundum Ra 12.5, hard anodized, layer thickness 30 μm 450 HV

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