Information about the textile cord cutting line

On textile cord cutting lines, the material manufactured previously on the calender is cut at a defined angle and joined together again to provide maximum stability in the finished tire. E+L supplies all the components to keep the webs in position and to laminate them with other materials, as well as measuring systems for monitoring the width or splices. In this way the highest quality demands are met.

Systems and products for textile cord cutting lines

Conveyor belt control system ELBANDER VGS14

Compact conveyor belt control system with contactless edge detection and precise correction via an actuator with linear guide, self-locking trapezoidal spindle, and torque arm

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Winding station system WSB91/93

Control components for winding stations with wear-free, brushless drive technology with an actuating force of 1,000 or 3,000 N

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Steering roller system ELROLLER SRB43

Compact steering roller system for nominal widths of 400 to 2,400 mm and a maximum web tension of 700 N

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CCD camera OL 82

Interruption-free detection of web edges, position detection, web guiding, material detection, and width measurement

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CCD camera OL 91

Used to detect various criteria for position control on moving webs with complete image processing within the camera

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Color line camera

Color line scan camera for surface inspections on rubber surfaces with a nominal width of 50 mm

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Triangulation sensor SL 23

Intelligent triangulation sensor with dual matrix camera and integrated laser light

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