Information about the wet wipe machine

Today, a pack of wet wipes is usually produced in a single series of operations. The major challenge is to ensure that the individual wipes are stacked perfectly. On the one hand, web guiding with the greatest possible accuracy is required and, on the other hand, intelligent networking of all the systems in the production process. Our solutions, such as our automatically controlled turning bar or pivoting frame systems, fulfill all these requirements and can ensure the best production results. The full networking capabilities of the systems also guarantee a quick, effective format change.

Systems and products for wet wipe machines

Sensor roller PD 40

Aluminum roller with two integrated load cells and a roller diameter from 60 to 120 mm

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Web guiding system ELGUIDER DRB14

Extremely compact web guiding system with brushless drive technology including integrated operating and control technology for a nominal width of 160 to 450 mm and a maximum web tension of 300 N

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