Information about the gravure printing machine

Difficult print substrates, complex images, Braille - numerous challenges must be mastered in gravure printing. At the same time, customers expect and demand a very high level of quality. Almost every challenge in the area of web guiding, web tension and web inspection in packaging printing can be mastered straightforwardly with our tried-and-trusted standard systems. They guarantee optimal results in every way.

Systems and products for gravure printing machines

Web monitoring system ELSCAN OMS4

Web monitoring system for use in the printing industry for operating widths up to 2,370 mm

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Bahnbeobachtungssystem ELSCAN OMS6

Bahnbeobachtungssystem zum Einsatz in der Druckindustrie bei Arbeitsbreiten bis 3.600 mm

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Web guiding system ELGUIDER DRB33

Web guiding system in frame design with wear-free, brushless drive technology for a nominal width of 400 to 3800 mm and a maximum web tension of 700 N

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Pivoting frame system with turning cross ELTURNER VWB33/73

Compact pivoting frame system with turning cross, wear-free, brushless drive technology and pneumatic ventilation

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Flange load cell, steel PD 21/22

High flexibility thanks to different shaft diameters ranging from 12 to 65 mm and nominal measuring forces ranging from 0.05 to 10 kN

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Flange load cell, aluminum PD 25/26

Cost-effective flange load cell made of aluminum with an anodized surface

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Block load cell PD 50

Large measuring range thanks to the resolution of 1:25

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