Web guiding systems

In processing and finishing processes, material webs must be precisely guided and controlled. For this purpose, Erhardt+Leimer offers a range of different types of solutions for web guiding.

Web guiding systems, tires

The production of a tire requires different rubber webs, which are processed on different production machines. In the final step, the individual rubber webs are assembled on the tire building machine to an unvulcanized tire. To meet the stringent requirements in the automotive industry, in every process step the rubber webs need to be fed into the process with great positional accuracy. And this is exactly what the products from Erhardt+Leimer enable.

Web guiding systems, corrugated cardboard

The corrugated cardboard, to which glue has been applied on one side, must be fed in centrally to the laminating station so that the amount trimmed from the edges on the corrugated cardboard line can be reduced to a minimum. Here, precise web guiding is the key to ensuring that paper resources are used sparingly. This precision can be attained with the products and systems from Erhardt+Leimer.

Web guiding systems, textiles

The textile finishing process passes through several different process steps. Prior to each step. the woven or knitted fabric needs to guided with high positional accuracy and no creases. The key factor for ensuring the highest quality at the end of the process chain is the use of web guiding systems that operate with high precision. Web guiding systems like the ones Erhardt+Leimer has in its product portfolio.

Full width expander systems, tires

Every tire structure contains a carcass made up of multiple layers as the load-bearing structure. In order to build this up, the tire cord must be guided on the calender line with a constant web width prior to the rubberizing process. Trust in the web width control systems from Erhardt+Leimer in order to satisfy this pre-requisite for modern quality standards in the automotive industry.

Positioning and follow-up control

The task of follow-up control systems is to ensure continuous position control for tools such as doctor blades, suction nozzles, spatulas, marking devices, and cutting units. An investment in the systems from Erhardt+Leimer will pay for itself in just a very short space of time.

Positioning and follow-up control systems, tires

When it comes to meeting the high quality requirements in the tire industry, accurate positioning of the dye bottles for application of the colored marking lines on the tread or precise positioning and follow-up of the cutting systems are decisive. The systems from Erhardt+Leimer satisfy the stringent requirements in the tire industry.

Positioning and follow-up control, corrugated cardboard

In the corrugated cardboard line, the automatic slitter/scorer needs to be precisely adjusted to follow a guide reference in order to ensure the correct width of the corrugated cardboard. The follow-up control systems from Erhardt+Leimer carry out this task with high precision.

Tenter insertion systems

The tenter is a core machine in textile production systems. For drying, woven or knitted fabric is picked up with clips or pins and guided through the dryer. The decisive thing is that the rails are run exactly along the web edge, in order to guarantee safe take-up and avoid over-pinning.