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Guide profiles arranged around the circumference form the basis of the web guiding. In the basic version, the guide profiles are fixed to a guide plate so that they can be adjusted to the side via an actuating drive.

If two actuating drives are used, two webs can be controlled independently of each other, or a transversely elastic web can be guided based on a target width.

Area of use

Thanks to the minimum stress applied to the material by the segmented roller guider, the ELSMART system for web guiding and spreading can be used in practically all production processes.


Segmented roller guiders can be used freely in terms of position. Wrapping of 90° is always required. Entry point 90°, exit point 180°. The infeed path should be the equivalent of at least one web width. By contrast, the exit should be kept as short as possible. Curled edges can be uncurled in the infeed plane with the aid of an additional spreading device.

Web guiding only

The version with undivided guide profiles across the full web width offers a particularly costeffective solution for web guiding only.

Two-web operation

With this design two webs can be controlled independently of each other using split guiding slats and two independent drives. Spreading is not possible in this mode.



K = Web correction | α = Correction angle | AB = Operating width | BB = Belt width | NB = Nominal width | L1 = Infeed path | L2 = Exit path

1 = Pivot point | 2 = Infeed conveyor belt | 3 = Segmented roller guider | 4 = Sensor | 5 = Fixing conveyor belt | 6 = Actuating drive


                                                                                    Web guiding only                                                                                          Two-web operation  

Web guiding systems

Segmented roller guider system SWB11

Precise web guiding system for woven and knitted fabrics in dry and damp operation or for rubber webs out of the loop

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System components

Infrared edge sensor PoE FR 54

Infrared edge sensor based on the principle of retroreflection with a measuring range of ±10 mm and a resolution of 0.02 mm

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Infrared wide band sensor FE 46

Digital infrared wide band sensor for web center detection, web edge detection, and width measurement with a tube distance (clear width) of 160 mm

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CCD camera OL 82

Interruption-free detection of web edges, position detection, web guiding, material detection, and width measurement

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Camera computer DO 82

Powerful camera computer for up to two cameras and different applications in customer-specific applications.

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Command station DO 42

Visualization and operation of web guiding systems with multiple operation of up to 255 web guiding control loops

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Data network center DN 40

Data network center for central connection of all components in a control system

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