Information about the feminine hygiene machine

In the FemCare sector, it is primarily high machine availability and control of the different layers that are of decisive importance for efficient production. Quality aspects such as cleanliness and perfection are also crucial. With our perfectly matched systems for web guiding and web tension control, we can easily fulfill all the requirements that manufacturers currently place on the performance of their systems and components. The full networking capabilities of the systems also guarantee a quick, effective format change.

Systems and products for feminine hygiene machines

Sensor roller PD 40

Aluminum roller with two integrated load cells and a roller diameter from 60 to 120 mm

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Flange load cell for for rollers with bearings on one end PD 27

Flange load cell with a nominal measuring force of 60 N for mounting on rollers with bearings on one end

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Web guiding system ELGUIDER DRB14

Extremely compact web guiding system with brushless drive technology including integrated operating and control technology for a nominal width of 160 to 450 mm and a maximum web tension of 300 N

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