We do our best

We do our best at E+L

Cutting-edge technology for moving webs.

This claim has always been the benchmark for E+L as a globally active group of companies and continues to be a guiding principle that provides inspiration for all the company's employees. 

Together we want to do our best, to supply the best products and services, and to be the best – in all areas: in terms of quality, in terms of technological standards, in terms of the price-performance ratio and design of our products, in our corporate and social responsibilities, in the way we interact with each other within the company, in our collaborations with business partners, in the way we look after our customers, but also in terms of our business successes. But in all of this, sustainability is incredibly important to us. 

People are at the heart of what we do – our customers and our employees

Handshake – employees

Our customers

Our customers are at the heart of what we do as a business. Their satisfaction and success are the basis of our success. It is our aim to understand the needs and requirements of our customers in every area – from development through to service – and to fulfil them in the best possible way.

Our employees

Our employees our one of our most important resources. This is why we see it as a key factor for our success that we make sure our employees are really well informed, highly motivated with clear and forward-looking targets, and qualified in the best possible way to carry out their work.

The three cornerstones of what we do

A networked, innovative, and challenging approach to thinking

Our network of subsidiaries and partner companies offers the ideal basis for open communication and knowledge transfer. Thanks to an intensive exchange, we can keep a constant eye on the requirements of the market. 

Innovations are the future. Our aim is to keep offering new products and new services so that our customers enjoy ever greater benefits. To do this, we create an environment that allows creativity and ideas to flourish so that we can keep coming up with new ways to find solutions for a wide range of different industries. 


For us, quality means so much more than highly functional products and optimized processes. From the selection of our raw materials to aftersales support – every step along the way, it is always our goal to achieve the highest possible quality standards. 

Our quality policy


We understand that we have a responsibility to preserve the natural world around us as the basis for life for this and future generations.

For this reason, the highest priority in everything we do is to ensure that all company resources are used in an environmentally-friendly manner within the constraints of the commercial framework conditions.