System information


A roller arrangement consisting of two web guiding rollers pivots around an imaginary pivot point in the infeed plane immediately in front of the actuator. Immediate corrections are made via the lateral movement. The additional skewed positioning provides continuous correction of the moving web. Here, friction-locking between the web and the roller is required.

Area of use

ELSWING steering roller systems are used predominantly in textile production systems for web guiding and spreading, where they are used for woven fabrics only.


The length of the infeed depends on the web properties. In the case of very flexible webs, the infeed should be at least one web width. The greater the surface stability of the web and the greater the necessary corrections, the longer the infeed needs to be. By contrast, the outfeed plane to the downstream locking roller must be kept short. A vertical web run from top to bottom is preferred.



A-A = Web tension distribution at infeed | B-B = Web tension distribution at outfeed | K = Correction of the web position | AB = Operating width | F1 = Basic web tension | F2 = Web tension distribution through deflection of the steering roller at the infeed | F3 = Web tension distribution through deflection of the steering roller at the outfeed | L1 = Infeed length to pivot point | L2 = Infeed length from pivot point to positioning roller | L3 = Exit path | a = Correction angle | 1 = Imaginary pivot point | 2 = Infeed roller/rod | 3 = Steering frame | 4 = Sensor | 5 = Locking roller

Web guiding systems

Steering roller system ELSWING SRA83

Guiding of knitted or woven fabrics based on the web edge or web center

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System components

Infrared wide band sensor FE 45

Digital infrared wide band sensor for web center detection, web edge detection, and width measurement with a tube distance (clear width) of 80 mm

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Infrared edge sensor FR 52

Infrared edge sensor based on the principle of retroreflection with a field of view of ±10 mm and a resolution of 0.02 mm

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