Surface inspection system RSI1/2

Product information

  • Mounting mechanism/holder for straightforward integration into the machine
  • Straightforward operation, setup and quality control
  • Statistical calculations (standard deviation, Cp, Cpk)
  • PDF reports, CSV data export
  • User-friendly user interface for commissioning
  • Maintenance-free and remotely controllable
  • Components are Ethernet-based and can be maintained using remote access
CameraColor line scan camera (double line), up to 3
Pixels2 x 4096 (RGB), 6144 (monochrome)
Operating voltage24 V DC
Scan frequencyUp to 10 kHz
X resolution (per camera)Field of view = 500 mm => x res = 0.12 mm/pixel
Y resolutionSpeed = 0 to 60 m/min => y res = 0.11 mm
Measuring range500 to 1500 mm (x direction) (larger on request)
Distance, camera – web600 mm
Lens type50 mm
Defect sizeMin. 3 x 3 mm

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