System information


Two point-type laser sensors synchronously traverse over the moving product (tread, side wall, inner liner, cord) and measure its external contours. The granite frame, on which the linear guides are mounted, offers high thermal stability and reduced vibration for highly accurate profile measurement.

Area of use

High-accuracy online profile measurement is used primarily in extrusion systems for the inspection of treads and sidewalls, as well as inner liners. In the hot area, the profile measurement is used for production control to detect deviations from the specification as early as possible and alert the PLC. In the cold area, the profile measurement system is used for quality control and documentation.


The EL-TRISCAN TR system for profile measurement is used in the extrusion line immediately after the extruder for process control and/or preferably at the end of the cooling line for quality assurance. The granite frame reduces thermally induced expansion many times over. The system can also be used for thickness measurements in roller-head calenders.



1 = Guide roller | 2 = Profile measurement | 3 =Point laser | 4 = CCD sensor | 5 = Traversing device | M = Measuring range | AB = Operating width | NB = Nominal width

Possible applications

Online profile measurement systems, traversing

O-frame profile measurement (traversing) EL-TRISCAN TR NRS50

Contactless profile measurement with vibration-resistant O-frame made of granite

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C-frame profile measurement (traversing) EL-TRISCAN TR NRS60

Contactless profile measurement with vibration-resistant C-frame made of granite

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