System information


On the sensor rollers used for web tension control, two load cells are already integrated in the roller body. The measuring force is detected via a double bending beam to which the strain gauges are applied, as a result of which an analog measured signal proportional to the web tension is output.

Area of use

Sensor rollers can be used for web tension control in practically all processing plants where web-type materials are processed or finished. The compact sensor rollers are the preferred solution particularly in situations where space is very restricted or on single-column machines.


With a 90° horizontal-vertical wrapping angle on the measuring roller and a horizontal measuring direction, optimum web tension detection is assured. Only detection of the bearing forces on both sides by the tension sensor can prevent incorrect measurements caused by the web moving sideways and asymmetrical web tension distribution. Load cells incorporated into a control loop should be mounted as near to the actuator as possible.


Sensor roller systems

Sensor roller PD 30

Aluminum roller with two integrated load cells and a roller diameter from 80 to 200 mm

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Sensor roller PD 40

Aluminum roller with two integrated load cells and a roller diameter from 60 to 120 mm

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System components

Analog measuring amplifier CV 22

Single-channel measuring amplifier for connecting two fabric tension sensors to a strain gauge bridge

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Digital measuring amplifier with display PA 62

Digital two-channel measuring amplifier for connection of 2 fabric tension sensors with a strain gauge bridge

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Web tension controller DC 62

Compact, digital web tension controller for different control structures including color touch-display

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