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The self-regulating compensating roller ensures a symmetric web tension distribution over the total web width. This eliminates uneven web tensions, caused by length differences between the left and right web edge.

Area of use

The compensating roller is used in corrugated cardboard systems, in order to implement a symmetrical distribution of the web tension. Typically, the compensating rollers are used in the single facer machine and after the preheating group.


The wrapping around the compensating roller should be between 30 and 90°. The actuation direction must be at the angle bisector. The function is given in both directions of web travel.



A-A=Web tensioning distribution at infeed | B-B=Web tension distribution at outfeed | α=Wrap angle | σ₁=Tension distribution, left side, without compensation roller | σ₂= Tension distribution, right side, without compensation roller | σ₃= Tension distribution with compensation roller | 1=Pivot point | 2=Infeed roller | 3=Compensation roller | 4=Fixing roller | AB=Operating width | NB Nominal width

Compensating roller

Compensating roller ELCorr

Self-regulating compensating roller ensures symmetrical web tension distribution across the entire web width

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