Web guiding and spreading system ELSMART SWS97

Product information

  • Precise web guiding in stainless steel design for woven and knitted fabrics in steam and wet operation up to 100°C
  • Integrated edge detection with wide band sensors up to 100°C
  • Gentle and reliable control of the textile web using the electrical actuating drive of the segmented roller guider up to a machine speed of 100 m/min
  • Continuous guide profiles for web guiding, segmented guide profiles for web guiding with superimposed spreading
  • Optionally with web tension-controlled additional drive for constant web tension in the downstream process
Positional accuracy±5 mm (wide band sensor FE 45, standard resolution)
Correction range± 300 mm (depending on web width, infeed path and web type)
Spreading0 to 12 mm (factory setting 9 mm)
Web speedmax. 100 m/min
Web tensionmax. 1000 N
Operating width 1600 to 3600 mm (roller diameter 215 mm)
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Ambient temperature+0 to +100 °C
Ambient conditionsDamp, wet and saturated steam
Protection class inside the machineIP 65
Protection class outside the machineIP 54

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