Machine information

Product information
  • Semi-automatic surface or center winder for continuous rewinding of woven fabrics or technical textiles onto large batches on an A-frame
  • Continuous production is assured in conjunction with an upstream accumulator
  • Speed-regulated drive for dancer position or web tension control
  • Winding arm with hydraulic adjustment, including gap control for center winder
  • Spreading with curved spreading roller
  • Optional mechanical oscillation feature available

Two position winders are used to shorten the roll change and thus reduce the storage capacity in the roller accumulator. This can be designed as a surface winder or as a center winder.

Area of use

Two position winders are used predominantly in production systems for woven fabrics.


With center winders, the A-frame carriage must be coupled to the drive station. Optionally, spreading rollers for web spreading are available for the winding arm.
In the case of materials with reinforced edges, a mechanical oscillation feature can be used

ELWEBTEX-Surface Winder with two positions Two position surface winder
ELWEBTEX-Center Winder with two positions Two position center winder


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