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The task of the bridge web tension systems is to regulate a single faced corrugated board web at a constant web tension. The aim is to transfer the single faced corrugated board web to the downstream process with the desired web tension.

Two flange load cells measure the actual web tension value of the moving web. The PID controller compares the actual position of the web with the pre-defined target value and calculates the correction signal for the pneumatic brake or the 4-quadrant drive on the drive roller. The drive roller is equipped with a pneumatic brake as standard. A 4-quadrant drive can be used optionally for low web tensions and as a draw-in aid.

Area of use

Bridge web tension systems are only used in corrugated board systems.


In corrugated board systems on the bridge between the bridge web tension controller and the preheating group. Executed in modular form for one to three-sided corrugated board webs.



1=Brake or drive roller | 2=Guide roller | 3=Measuring roller | F=Web tension | AB=Operating width | NB=Nominal width

Web tension control systems

Bridge braking system TensionMaster

Automatic web tension monitoring for the single-sided webs

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System components

Flange load cell, steel PD 21/22

High flexibility thanks to different shaft diameters ranging from 12 to 65 mm and nominal measuring forces ranging from 0.05 to 10 kN

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Data network center DN 10

E+L computer for customer-specific software, acts among other things as a link between the customer's user hardware and the E+L system network.

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Multifunctional touchscreen monitor for all web guiding and web tension control systems in corrugated cardboard lines

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