System information


To achieve a precise tire structure, the lamination of the precut rubber strips must be conducted precisely. CCD line scan cameras detect the exact web position of the primary web and the secondary strip. Steering rollers are used to laminate the secondary webs exactly in the desired target position. The steering rollers can be positioned laterally to produce different formats. A lamination station attached to the exit ensures an optimum connection between the primary web and secondary strip.

Area of use

In extrusion systems in the tire industry


The lamination station can be used in the hot area after the extruder or in the cold area after the cooling section.


AB = Operating width | NB = Nominal width | NBS1 = Width of strip 1 | NBS2 = Width of strip 2 | ABM1 = Distance from strip 1 center to web center | ABM2 Distance from strip 2 center to web center 

1 = Light transmitter | 2 = CCD Line scan camera ply | 3 = CCD line scan camera, web guider | 4 = Web guider | 5 = Support beam | 6 = Actuating drive | 7 = Fixing roller | 8 = Pressure roller

Web guiding systems

Complexer laminating station

Laminating station for precise laminating of rubber strips

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Steering roller system SRB33

Compact steering roller system with one or two rollers for different wrap angles and wear-free, brushless drive technology

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System components

CCD camera OL 91

Used to detect various criteria for position control on moving webs with complete image processing within the camera

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CCD camera OL 82

Interruption-free detection of web edges, position detection, web guiding, material detection, and width measurement

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Camera computer DO 82

Powerful camera computer for up to two cameras and different applications in customer-specific applications.

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Command station OP 36

Cost-effective operating panel (touchpanel) for the visualization and operation of customer-specific applications for web guiding and web tension control tasks.

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