Information about the tube slitting system

All our rope detwisting and tube slitting systems are exactly tailor-made to the appropriate requirements and guarantee efficient production. We can offer you all the components from a single source from detecting a drop stitch, through slitting with the minimum lengthwise tension and drainage, to winding and plaiting. In tried-and-trusted Erhardt+Leimer quality and with the highest level of efficiency.

Systems and products for tube slitting systems

Tube slitting system ELCUT BTA25

Drop stitch matrix sensor detects the drop stitch using the transmitted light principle

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Web guiding and spreading system ELSMART SWS96

Web guiding in stainless steel design for woven and knitted fabrics in wet and dry operation at a machine speed of up to 100 m/min with electric actuating drive

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Double squeezer

Double squeezer for "wet-in-wet" process

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Rope squeezer

Rope squeezer for removal of water from circular knitted fabrics

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Pre-cleaning system

Pre-cleaning system for separation of cotton fibers produced as a result of an enzymatic finishing process

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