Information about the textile calender

With the very high contact pressure of a calender, fabrics are given a supple touch, a closed surface due to a higher material density and also a smooth, shiny finish. Calender rollers are among the most expensive components in textile machine manufacture and the slightest damage will cause defects in the textile that then reoccur in every repeat. Damage will require immediate replacement and an expensive repair. Seams can also damage the calender rollers. A seam detector detects the seam in good time and the contact pressure is reduced briefly as the seam passes through.

Systems and products for textile calenders

Web guiding and spreading system ELSMART SWA95

Precise web guiding for woven and knitted fabrics in dry and damp operation at a machine speed of up to 130 m/min with pneumatic actuating drive

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Flange load cell, steel PD 21/22

High flexibility thanks to different shaft diameters ranging from 12 to 65 mm and nominal measuring forces ranging from 0.05 to 10 kN

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Flange load cell, aluminum PD 25/26

Cost-effective flange load cell made of aluminum with an anodized surface

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Metal detection system ELMETA MDA10

Reliable, accurate detection of spherical metal particles with segmented LED signal display

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Metal detection system ELMETA MDS50

Reliable detection of spherical metal particles with integrated control panel with luminous LED strip

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