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An alternating magnetic field of 200 kHz is generated by an AC current in a transmission coil. A web soiled with metal disrupts this alternating field and triggers a signal. Other effects such as moisture or contact have no effect on the metal detection thanks to capacitive shielding. The result can be used as a continuous or pulsed signal to stop the machine, to output a visual or acoustic alarm, or to operate marking or counting systems. The segmented LED display indicates the position of the metal particle. Optionally it is possible to connect an external signal display or reset button.

Area of use

Metal detection systems are suitable for dry and damp fabric webs, e.g. textile and non-woven fabric, in particular on the following machines:

•Non-woven fabric production systems

•Shearing machines

•Calendering systems


The metal detector can be freely mounted in terms of position. The web should wrap the metal detector by approx. <5°. There should not be any moving mechanical parts within a radius of 500 mm.



1 = Guide roller | 2 = Metal detector | 3 = Transmission system | AB = Operating width | NB = Nominal width

Metal detection systems

Metal detection system ELMETA MDA10

Reliable, accurate detection of spherical metal particles with segmented LED signal display

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Metal detection system ELMETA MDS50

Reliable detection of spherical metal particles with integrated control panel with luminous LED strip

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