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EL.MOTION - the drive for industry 4.0

Clear technical challenges are currently emerging in the machinery and mechanical engineering sector: the need for modernization and standardization as well as extreme flexibility at the same time. This means that it is high time to find answers and solutions to allow drive units to be adapted quickly, easily, and reliably. Erhardt+Leimer is tackling these challenges with its state-of-the-art drive concept EL.MOTION, which is setting new standards for Industry 4.0.

Find out more about the innovative drive technology EL.MOTION.

Tailor-made solutions for your industry

Global solutions for the production processes of the future

Intelligent technologies and products that meet the highest quality standards and help our customers to optimize their production processes all around the world. This is our claim as the internationally expanding Erhardt+Leimer group of companies.

With our global presence – from development to production and on to service – we are always close to the customer. We develop customer-specific solutions and provide our customers with excellent products either in digital or intelligent versions depending on their preference. Not only this, but we also set new standards for the production of tomorrow.

With more than 1,600 employees at sites across Europe, Asia, and America we deliver cutting-edge technology on-time to any location in the world. In everything we do, we aim to use all company resources responsibly to protect the environment and demonstrate our commitment to increased sustainability.


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"We live sustainability, reliability and continuity.

In the development of our technologies, in the manufacture of our products, in our use of resources and in our relationship with our customers.

And we have been doing so for more than 100 years."


Dr. Michael Proeller

CEO Erhardt+Leimer Group

Dr. Michael Proeller

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