Information about the adult diaper machine

The requirements on the quality of adult diapers are high. This quality can only be ensured by accurately bringing together the different material webs. In turn, this aspect requires perfectly matched web guiding systems. For many years now, systems and components from Erhardt+Leimer have proven their worth in web guiding and web tension control and contributed to fulfilling the high expectations of consumers. The full networking capabilities of the systems also guarantee a quick, effective format change.

Systems and products for adult diaper machines

Flange load cell, steel PD 21/22

High flexibility thanks to different shaft diameters ranging from 12 to 65 mm and nominal measuring forces ranging from 0.05 to 10 kN

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Flange load cell, aluminum PD 25/26

Cost-effective flange load cell made of aluminum with an anodized surface

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Block load cell PD 50

Large measuring range thanks to the resolution of 1:25

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Web guiding system ELGUIDER DRB25

Extremely compact web guiding system with brushless drive technology including integrated operating and control technology for a nominal width of 400 to 1,100 mm and a maximum web tension of 700 N

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