History of Erhardt+Leimer


2021Erhardt+Leimer achieves the best results in the company's history
2020Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large proportion of employees works from home. This leads to a massive digitalization push within the group
2019Erhardt+Leimer celebrates its 100th anniversary
2016Foundation of ELBG Erhardt+Leimer Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH
2015Erhardt+Leimer takes over the company Dr. Noll in Bad Kreuznach
Erhardt+Leimer now has 18 subsidiaries worldwide
2014Foundation of the ELCARE Foundation of Erhardt+Leimer GmbH on the occasion of the company's 95th anniversary
Erhardt+Leimer acquires the Theta Print product division of Theta System Elektronik GmbH
2009Erhardt+Leimer celebrates its 90th company anniversary
2004Erhardt+Leimer positions itself worldwide as a complete provider for the printing industry with web guiding (ELGUIDER), web monitoring (ELSCAN), and web inspection (ELSIS).
2000Entry into the world of inspection and camera technology
1999Dr. Michael Proeller becomes co-partner and CEO of the Erhardt+Leimer group of companies
1996Expansion of the management board of Erhardt+Leimer GmbH with the addition of Dr. Michael Proeller, grandson of company founder Albert Leimer.
1995Introduction of DCS digital technology as the standard control technology of E+L
1986The Albert Leimer Foundation is set up. The chair of the board is Hannelore Leimer.
1977Hannelore Leimer, daughter of Albert Leimer, becomes the chair of the management board
1972Death of Albert Leimer. Erhardt+Leimer KG loses its founder who, for the textile industry, was one of the most significant entrepreneurs of the post-war period.
1960Field of activity widened to the paper and foil industry
1949First development and manufacture of web guiding devices for the textile industry
1943Albert Leimer becomes a shareholder of the company Manfred Erhardt+Co.
1935Development and manufacture of the first precision mechanical units for the textile industry
1933Death of company founder Manfred Erhardt
1925Electrical engineer Albert Leimer joins as the first specialist for the creation of a precision mechanics workshop
1919Foundation of the company for the sale and servicing of industrial clocks and signal systems by Manfred Erhardt