Machine information

  • Compact straightening system for the correction of S-shaped warping and trailing edges
  • Reliable pinning of the web edges by means of follow-up control system with infrared edge sensor FR 5503
  • 4 to 8 (max.) cameras for reliable detection of bowing and skewing
  • Automatic positioning of the cameras to match the current web width
  • 2 bow rollers and 2 skew rollers for correction
  • Optionally with dancer control for synchronization of the driven bow rollers with knitted fabrics
  • Three-phase motors with frequency converters for adjustment of the bow and skew rollers
  • Optionally with spreading roller for crease-free spreading of the web
Sensors 4-8 matrix cameras, FR 5503 infrared edge sensor
Straightening mechanism2 needle wheels, 2 bow rollers, 2 skew rollers
Actuating travel, needle wheels (skewed positioning)20°
Actuating travel, skew rollers+/- 200 mm
Actuating travel bow rollers+/- 260 mm
Diameter of the needle wheels800 mm
Diameter of the rollers101 mm (nominal width < 2600 mm)
114 mm (nominal width > 2600 mm)
Web type Woven and knitted fabrics
Operating width 800-3600 mm
Web speed 100 m/min
Web tension Max. 1000 N
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Drive, skewed/bow rollersAsynchronous motor
Drive, needle wheel skewed positioningPneumatic cylinder
Operating voltage 400 V (50 Hz)
Current consumption 16 A
Power consumption 8.5 kW
Operating pressure6 bar
Protection class IP 54
Weight (for 2000 mm operating width) Approx. 4000 kg


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