Machine information

Product information
  • Plaiter for placing down woven and knitted fabrics
  • Available either as rocker or linear design
  • Adjustable or combinable plaiting length
  • Can be combined with surface or center winder
  • Speed-regulated drive for dancer position or web tension control

The task of plaiters is to deposit textile webs on a stack. A basic distinction is made between a swing plaiter and a linear plaiter.

Area of use

Swing plaiters are primarily used for woven fabrics. Linear plaiters are mainly used for knitted fabrics.


Both plaiting systems can be combined with center and surface winders.

ELWEBTEX Swing Arm Plaiter Exit framework with plaiter
ELWEBTEX Reel Plaiter Exit framework with linear plaiter
ELWEBTEX Surface Rewinder with Plaiter Exit framework with plaiter and surface rewinder


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