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During cross-section analysis, the pattern is scanned with the aid of a scanner. The image acquired can be evaluated geometrically using various functions.

Area of use

Cross-section analysis is used in the test laboratory for quality assurance on extrusion lines.


A prerequisite is a precise cross-section of the tread or side wall. The tread or side wall is placed upright in the holder above the scanner. After the acquisition of the cross-section profile, this profile can be evaluated using various tools.



L1=Length 1 | L2=Operating width | L3=Length 3 | L4=Length 4 | L5=Profile thickness | L6=Length 6 | L7=Length 7 | L8=Length 8 | L9=Length 9

Cross Section Analyzer

Cross Section Analyzer NSS00

System for recording the cross-section profile of a tread or side wall

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