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A triple-chip CCD camera compares the colors applied to the product with the nominal color sample. This makes it possible to detect irregularities in the color application.

Area of use

EL-Color Line Inspection is used after color application for quality documentation and process control. In addition, it is also used to trigger alarms if colors are applied incorrectly or in the wrong position.


EL-Color Line Inspection is installed immediately after the color application.



1 = Guide roller | 2 = Conveyor belt | 3 = Color line scan camera | 4 = LED light transmitter | 5 = Tread | 6 = Ventilation | 7 = Housing | 8 = LED background illumination | AB = Profile width | NB = Nominal width

Color line monitoring system

Color line monitoring system EL-Color Line Inspection NCS10

Measuring system for monitoring the color lines on the tread

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