System information


Using the OL 91 high resolution camera, the actual angle of the steel cord material is checked after cutting. The geometry of the steel strip is measured exactly, irrespective of the color of the conveyor belt, and compared with nominal values. All the measured values and error information are made available to the customer PLC.

Area of use

On steel cord cutting systems after the slanting cut


Directly after the slanting cut. To record the contrast, the camera must be installed according to the reflected light principle. The web must be run flat and may not show any height variants.



1=Incremental encoder | 2=Belt | 3=Conveyor belt | 4=Line scan camera
| AB=Operating width | MB=Measuring range | BB=Welt width | NB=Nominal width | α=Cutting edge angle | β=Cutting edge angle

System components

CCD camera OL 91

Used to detect various criteria for position control on moving webs with complete image processing within the camera

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