Digitally produced preprint rolls for the corrugated industry offer a series of benefits, compared with conventional printing methods. Thus, very short print orders can also be produced at a very low cost.

Multiple different print orders can be combined on a single roll for further processing on the corrugator. For optimum exploitation of the paper width, the individual orders can be arranged one behind the other (multijob roll) or in two lanes alongside each other (multijob/multilane roll).

The exact and positionally accurate control of the work order change at the dry end, within a preprinted roll with multiple order structure, is of decisive importance for economic production. If this does not happen at the correct time, this will lead to a disproportionately high and expensive level of waste.The E+L Smart Line CORR system initiates the work order change at the dry end at the right time, thus avoiding the accrual of waste.

The E+L Smart Line CORR system decodes information on the digital preprint, which is embedded in the E+L SmartLine, which is also used as a conventional side guide line to align the slitter scorer.

Besides the control of the work order change, depending on the equipment level of the corrugator, the SmartLine Corr system can also eject individual faulty sheets from the production process. Different production data can also be made available.

The E+L SmartLine CORR system is an independent system, which can be integrated easily into any corrugator. This means that the digital pre-printing can be used efficiently in any corrugator, which is equipped for conventional pre-printing.

Area of use

Processing of digitally produced multijob pre-printing rolls in the corrugator.


The Code Scanners are arranged in the corrugator after the unwinder of the outer liner and are connected to the evaluation electronics via Ethernet.


1 = Line scan camera | 2 = Guiding line | 3 = Job A1 | 4 = Job B1 | 5 = Code sequence | 6 = Job A2 | 7 = Job B2 | AB = Operating width | LA = Lane A | LB = Lane B | NB = Nominal width

Process automation

Automation of work order changes SmartLine CORR

Automation of work order changes when using pre-printed rolls for the corrugator

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