ELCorruMatic CSM / WPA splice management

Product information

Your advantages
  • Increased productivity of the WPA
  • Productivity increases in further processing
  • Constant packaging quality

  • The ELCorruMatic CSM (Corrugator Splice Management) system helps to ensure optimum productivity in the corrugated board line. The system ensures that the speed of the double backer can be kept as high as possible for the product currently running through the line. If a splice is required, the CSM system automatically adjusts the speeds of the one-sided machine and the bridge volume. This ensures that the speed of the double backer can be kept constant, even if there is a speed reduction
  • The CSM system not only increases the productivity of the corrugated board line, but also creates the optimum conditions for consistent, high quality corrugated board production through consistent heat input from the double backer and a constant supply of goods on the bridge.
  • The increased productivity of the corrugated board line is further improved by the splice management function of the CSM system. Overproduction of order lengths is avoided and only the planned amount of goods is produced. Based on the continuous measurement of the produced order, including the single-sided web stored on the bridge, the CSM system initiates all splicers as soon as the exact order length has been produced and then removes the sheet with the different spliced papers out from the process. The roll end splicing function of the CSM system is automatically performed at every splicer. This ensures that the paper rest remaining on the sleeve is minimized. At the same time, the risk of downtimes due to a missed splice is reduced. In addition, problems associated with manual activation of the splicers by the operator are also avoided.
  • The ELCorruMatic interface enables the automatic transmission of order data to the CSM system so that the operators in the dry section can concentrate on other production requirements.

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