Systems for counting threads/stitches in the textile industry

Textile webs typically pass through a wide range of different production processes. Each material transport influences the stitch and thread density. The correction of the stitch and thread density in the production direction is essential before processes such as drying, thermosetting or sanforizing. The thread counting systems from Erhardt+Leimer guarantee a constant stitch and thread density in the production direction of the textile web.

Web tension measuring and control systems

Reliable web tension control using a tension sensor helps to reduce web tears and therefore keeps production costs down. ELTENS web tension measurement and control systems from Erhardt+Leimer are used all around the world to achieve reliable and high quality production.

Web tension systems for corrugated cardboard production

In corrugated cardboard production lines, after application of glue on one side, the corrugated cardboard needs to be glued to the liner in the laminating station with correct and constant web tension. Bridge web tension controllers perform this task separately for each web. Uniform distribution of the web tension across the full width of the web is also required. Compensating rollers operating purely mechanically guarantee that the web tension is the same on the left and right-hand sides. All these functions of the Erhardt+Leimer TensionMaster prevent curvature in a longitudinal, transverse, or diagonal direction and ensure the highest possible sheet quality.

Process Control for Stenters and Dryers ELMAT