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SMARTSCAN is the first 200% inspection system for the printing industry. With a unique and protected image capture method, it offers new benefits for quality assurance and waste reduction. And it does that with an excellent price-performance ratio!

Print inspection system

Print inspection system SMARTSCAN MIS20

Camera system for 200% inspection on printing and finishing machines in label applications and narrow-web applications

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Further functions

  • SMARTSCAN 4K – Increased solution for even more detailed error detection
  • SMARTSCAN UV – For the inspection of fluorescent colors, varnishes and other UV applications
  • Report Manager – PDF report to document the inspected rolls
  • PDF comparison – Comparison of the camera reference image (Golden Template) with the PDF print template to detect errors in the printing plate, incorrectly chosen printing plates or to check foreign languages and character sets
  • Surface inspection - For the inspection of unprinted materials
  • Image storage function - Saving of freely selectable image areas
  • Distance measurement function - Inline measurement of spacings, positions, repeat lengths of the web width
  • Pinhole module - For improved detection of hole areas through the special 200% inspection technology
  • Code module – To read barcodes and 2D codes
  • And much more...


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