Information about the coating system

The coating of copper or aluminum webs is a core process in battery production. The carrier film must always be guided through the center of the coating unit and the machine. Only in this way is it ensured that the upper and lower layer coincide exactly. Just as important for consistent quality is constant web tension in all the process steps. The ELTIM basis weight measurement before and after the coating head ensures the constant application of the coating.

Systems and products for coating systems

Web guiding system ELGUIDER DRB33

Web guiding system in frame design with wear-free, brushless drive technology for a nominal width of 400 to 3800 mm and a maximum web tension of 700 N

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Steering roller system ELROLLER SRB43

Compact steering roller system for nominal widths of 400 to 2,400 mm and a maximum web tension of 700 N

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Winding station system WSB91/93

Control components for winding stations with wear-free, brushless drive technology with an actuating force of 1,000 or 3,000 N

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Basis weight measuring system ELTIM BWS10

Traversing, contact-free basis weight and thickness measurement for the foil and battery industry

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Flange load cell, steel PD 21/22

High flexibility thanks to different shaft diameters ranging from 12 to 65 mm and nominal measuring forces ranging from 0.05 to 10 kN

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Flange load cell, aluminum PD 25/26

Cost-effective flange load cell made of aluminum with an anodized surface

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Block load cell PD 50

Large measuring range thanks to the resolution of 1:25

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