System information


Chain-type stretcher systems monitor and control the fabric tension of revolving dry wires. Integrated tension sensors acquire the fabric tension continuously and without delay. A digital three-point controller continuously compares the actual value with the set target value and sends a correction value to the actuating drive as necessary. The tension on the dry wire is increased or decreased via the chain-type stretcher.

Area of use

The chain-type stretcher system is used in the dryer section of a paper machine.


Chain-type stretcher systems can be freely mounted in terms of position. Wrapping of 180° is desirable for the stretch roller. The adjusting plane of the chain-type stretcher should be positioned in the bisecting line between the infeed and outfeed. Wrap angle compensation needs to be incorporated if the overall wrap around the stretch roll is greater than 150°.

Felt and wire tension system

Chain-type stretcher system ELSTRETCHER SPA10

Chain-type stretcher system for the drying section with adjustment of the stretch roll parallel to the axis by means of a chain

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System components

Fabric tension sensor PD 77

Fabric tension sensor with bearing bracket for external measurement on guide roller

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Fabric tension sensor PD 80

External fabric tension sensor on separate guide roller for pedestal bearing mounting

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Fabric tension sensor for tension carriage EM 10

Integrated fabric tension sensor in the tension carriage in the chain-type stretcher with the dry section in a steel design

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Analog measuring amplifier CV 22

Single-channel measuring amplifier for connecting two fabric tension sensors to a strain gauge bridge

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Measuring amplifier with display PA 62

Digital two-channel measuring amplifier for connection of 2 fabric tension sensors with a strain gauge bridge

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Fabric tension controller DC 04

Extremely compact digital fabric tension controller with integrated digital inputs/outputs and three-point controller for actuation of a three-phase motor/solenoid valve for the pneumatic motor

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Command station DO 20

User interface with user-friendly plain text display

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