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Web guiding with ELTURNER turning bar systems is based on a simple principle: A bar is mounted at an angle of 45° to the longitudinal and transverse axes while the web runs over it with 180° wrapping. This has the immediate effect of changing the direction of web travel by 90°. To correct the web position at the same time, the turning bar is moved parallel to the infeed plane according to the actuating signal, thus offsetting the web to the side as it runs off.

Area of use

Use of a pivoting frame system in combination with turning bars is recommended in cases where the web needs to be turned and fed to the next process with high precision.


The greater the web tension, the modulus of elasticity and the required correction, the longer the infeed, exit and transfer paths should be designed. Experience has shown that these paths should be the equivalent of 60 to 100% of the web width. The sensor should be positioned behind the positioning roller, as near to it as possible.


A = Web tension distribution at infeed | B = Web tension distribution at outfeed | K = Correction of the web guiding | a = Correction angle | σ1 = Basic web tension | σ2 = Tension distribution through actuating movement to left | σ3 = Tension distribution through actuating movement to right | 1 = Guide frame | 2 = Infeed roller | 3 = Turning bar | 4 = Sensor | 5 = Fixing roller | 6 = Pivot point | LÜ = Transfer length | L1 = Infeed path | L2 = Outfeed path | AB = Operating width

Web guiding systems

Pivoting frame system with turning cross ELTURNER VWB33/73

Compact pivoting frame system with turning cross, wear-free, brushless drive technology and pneumatic ventilation

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System components

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Infrared wide band sensor PoE FR 61

Infrared wide band sensor with large measuring range of 160 mm, 320 mm or 480 mm

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Blue light wide band sensor PoE FR 65

Blue light transmitted light sensor with large measuring range of 160 / 320 and 480 mm

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Infrared edge sensor PoE FR 54

Infrared edge sensor based on the principle of retroreflection with a measuring range of ±10 mm and a resolution of 0.02 mm

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Command station DO 42

Visualization and operation of web guiding systems with multiple operation of up to 255 web guiding control loops

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Data network center DN 40

Data network center for central connection of all components in a control system

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Support beam VS 80

Motorized linear sensor positioning for ultrasonic, infrared, and color line sensors

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