Machine information

  • Infeed systems for woven and knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, carpet and technical textiles before the production process
  • Tension control with dancer or load cell
  • Integrated web guiding with web guider or segmented roller guider with spreading
  • Suitable for dry or wet webs
  • Frame construction with closed C profile, also for use as a cable duct
  • Optional integrated traction unit available


The task of infeed systems is to transfer the fabric web (carpet), woven or knitted fabrics from the A-frame or the stack to the downstream production process in the correct position, spread out and with the correct web tension.

Area of use

Infeed systems can be used in various variants before any textile equipment systems.


Segmented roller guider systems with upstream spreading device can be used universally for woven and knitted fabrics, both from the A-frame and from the plaiter carriage. If only woven fabrics are produced, fabric web guide systems can be used as an alternative.

Depending on the drive concept in the machine, the infeed system can be optionally equipped with a traction unit. The synchronization with the main machine can take place using a dancer position control or a web tension control.

Infeed framework with traction unit and web guider
Infeed framework with center unwinder and web guider
Infeed framework with traction unit and segmented roller guider


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