Undetected seams should no longer get in the way of your production process?

Ensure a smooth process and thus permanently the highest quality with our new ELSEAMTEX seam sensor. It is the first sensor on the market that detects optically and therefore without contact any type of seam - thanks to artificial intelligence!

Extend the lifetime of your calender rollers, reduce waste and optimize your process with ELSEAMTEX, the intelligent eye from E+L.


  • The seam sensor SI 1001 detects optically and therefore without contact any type of seam on printed or single-color fabrics
  • New algorithmic approaches as well as the usage of the latest technology make it possible for the first time to acquire cross-seams at the level of human perception
  • Along with a light transmitter and a matrix camera with lens, the sensor also includes a WLAN card for reliable communication with a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile terminal device
  •  E+LApp for Android and iOS 
How you can benefit from ELSEAMTEX:
  • Longer life of calender rollers
  • Less waste
  • Time saving due to optimized process
  • Lower personnel costs

Further technical data on the new ELSEAMTEX seam sensor can be found in the data sheet. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about the product.

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"Quality encompasses all aspects of a process. E+L ensures that this standard of excellence is maintained throughout the entire textile value chain, leading to successful production and outstanding results."

Stephan Kehry

International Sales Manager Textile Division

Dr. Michael Proeller

Discover the future of textile production with AI-driven seam detection

Stephan Kehry introduces the new seam sensor ELSEAMTEX, points out the importance of seam detection in textile production, explains the role of QR codes in optimizing processes, and much more.

Watch the video, learn how E+L succeeded to implement artificial intelligence for your success and share your experiences in the AI community.

E+L AI MANAGER I YOUR SMART MANAGEMENT TOOL                                          

  • Authenticated login for a secure connection
  • Automatic notification and download option for software updates
  • Installation of new software on the sensor via WLAN
  • Live test of a seam via the integrated scanner (comparable with a QR code scanner)
  • Access to log files
  • Control of the sensors
  • Transfer of log and image files of not detected or not clearly identifiable seams from the sensor to the mobile device and to the E+L server for the improvement of the detection rate 
Start screen elseamtex
Sensor overview elseamtex
Seam test with smartphone
Seam definition

MATERIAL SAMPLES                                              

ELSEAMTEX can detect any kind of seam optically and without contact. Just have a look.