Spreading system for dry and damp LG 06

Product information

  • Compact spreading system for crease-free spreading and smoothing out of the selvedges of dry to wet woven and knitted fabrics, in painted steel or stainless steel version
  • Infinitely adjustable spreading effect through counter-rotating spreading rollers with pivoting bearings
  • No residual soiling due to specific profile shape
  • Different profile radii for gentle or intensive spreading effect
  • No markings on the web due to overlapping profiles in the center of the roller
Operating width OW1000 to 3600 mm (steps of 100 mm)
Diameter of the spreading rollers86 mm (for OW 1000 mm to 2400 mm)
112 mm (for OW 1000 mm to 3600 mm)
Ambient temperature+10 °C to +60 °C
Turning speed of spreading rollers268 rev/min (at 50 Hz)
322 rev/min (at 60 Hz)
Power consumption0.55 kW (at 50 Hz)
0.63 kW (at 60 Hz)
Operating voltage220-240 V/ 380-420 V (at 50 Hz)  
254-280 V/ 440-480 V (at 60 Hz)
Other voltages on request
Protection classIP 54

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