Optimized pinning of the textile web edges

A continuously changing web position makes a tenter guider or a spindle adjuster for correction imperative. Only precise pinning will guarantee high machine utilization and therefore high production output of the dryer.


Infeed rails must always be brought into a defined position over either the pins or the nippers on the tenter chain. The infeed rails are operated either via a rack drive or a spindle drive. The rack solution covers almost all applications. The trapezoid spindle is used if self-locking is required at machine standstill because of high cross tension.

Area of use

The rail position control is used on all normal tenters, coating and leveling frames for woven and knitted fabrics, as well as for carpets.


No other system can achieve the compactness of the tenter guider. For optimal control behavior, the sensor and actuator should preferably be arranged in a vertical line one above the other.