The ELCorruMatic CCM (Corrugator Control Module) includes all corrugated cardboard system settings related to the quality parameters for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard. This module automatically regulates, with reference to the paper and corrugation profiles used in the order, all the process parameters related to the temperature, the application of adhesive, the web tension, the steam pressures, and optionally the roller pressure. Here, variables superimposed on the control characteristics such as speed changes or wrapping arm positions are taken into account. The control geometry takes the paper types saved in the system into consideration, as well as the coatings, wet-strength adhesives or pre-printing. In this way, quality production without delamination or warping is ensured and the adhesive consumption or the energy consumption due to steam for heating optimized.

Area of use

The ELCorruMatic CCM contains all corrugated cardboard settings related to the quality parameters.


The ELCorruMatic CCM is an automation network that intervenes in the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process for the control and optimization of parameters based on customer-specific requirements.

Process automation

ELCorruMatic CCM / WPA Prozesskontrollsystem

System für maximale Produktivität bei der Weiterverarbeitung, optimale Qualität des fertigen Kartons und minimale Kosten bei der Wellpappenproduktion

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