Information about the corrugated cardboard system

Among other things, efficient production with a corrugated cardboard system places particular demands on web guiding, web tension control as well as the reliable configuration, control and checking of important production parameters. Erhardt+Leimer offers everything from a single source.

Our tried-and-trusted systems for corrugated cardboard systems support you in the automation of the production process and quality assurance, helping to reduce waste. Meanwhile, our products work together to ensure significant cost savings and greater efficiency

Systems and products for corrugated cardboard systems

ELCorruMatic CCM / WPA process control system

System for maximum productivity in further processing, optimized quality of the finished cardboard boxes, and minimal costs during production of corrugated cardboard

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ELCorruMatic CSM / WPA splice management

This ensures optimum productivity of the corrugated cardboard line and delivers the highest possible speed for the double backer for the product

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ELCorruMatic RSM / management system for the roll stock

System for recording the consumed running meters of a particular order

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ELCorruMatic WarpMeter / analysis of sheet quality

System for measuring and logging the flatness of produced corrugated cardboard sheets

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Web cleaning system ELClean WCD

Contactless web cleaning system for corrugated cardboard production

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Compensating roller ELCorr TLC02

Self-regulating compensating roller ensures symmetrical web tension distribution across the entire web width

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Pivoting frame system ELTRAC PMA51

Automatic guiding system for medium and liner

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Pivoting frame system SPLITWEB SGS51

SPLITWEB double web guiding system for joining together two narrow webs in the direction of machine operation into a covering web with a constant width

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Bridge web guiding system CORRALIGNER BVW52

Automatic alignment of one-sided webs at the laminating point in the double backer

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Positioning and follow-up control TrimMaster TOS51

Automatic and continuous positioning of the automatic slitter/scorer

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Web monitoring system for corrugated cardboard ELSCAN OCS1

Web monitoring system specially designed for harsh, dusty environments and protected against water jets

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Checking of the printing and punching registers ELCorrVision-Pattern PGS

The system checks complex contours, print patterns, and die-cut patterns during production of packaging.

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Automation of work order changes SLS

Automation of work order changes when using pre-printed form rolls for the corrugated cardboard line

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