Worldwide service Always there when you need us

We place great emphasis on service. With a dense service network in all the key industrial nations, we are able to offer you a comprehensive range of service - from remote maintenance through to personal, onsite support. Simple, uncomplicated and whenever you need us. 

You can find an overview of our service stations in your area in our location overview.

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Worldwide service Erhardt+Leimer

Find us worldwide

The E+L service packs Flexible and tailored to market needs

Whether advice, training, commissioning or maintenance - the service packs from Erhardt+Leimer guarantee optimum support for your product. Your requests, ideas and requirements are always at the heart of this. Thus, we can help you to exploit all the options and benefits of your E+L product efficiently.

Our service packs:

  • Commissioning service (incl. instruction of the customer's personnel)
  • Maintenance service
  •  Assembly support (Supervisor)
  • Hotline service (through qualified Customer Services technician on the telephone or via remote service) 
  • Training service (single or multi-day individual on-site training courses or at E+L for assembly and service technicians)


ELBUDDY is our service software for maintenance, trouble-shooting and commissioning of E+L components and systems. It must be installed on your computer and requires that you have an E+L CAN dongle or alternatively an Ethernet connection to a DI G000.

TeamViewer allows us to remotely access your computer on which ELBUDDY is installed.

ELSPOTTER enables us to find and administer Ethernet based E+L devices in the network independent of the IP address.

ELSPOTTER can be accessed via Google Play and offers the following functions:

  • Finding Ethernet-based E+L devices
  • Identification of Ethernet-based E+L devices
  • Editing of Ethernet-based E+L devices (network settings)

Download the latest versions of our service software by clicking the respective button.

Returns and repairs Erhardt+Leimer

Returns and repairs So that everything goes as you expect it to

Should a product delivered by us not function perfectly every time, we will do everything we can to change this as quickly as possible.

Before you return a device, please consult the operating manual to check that it is truly a defect or a malfunction. If this is the case, please contact the sales employee responsible for you or call our Hotline on +49 821 2435599.

To guarantee rapid processing, we require a detailed description with a specification of the type and scope of the defect.