Systems for surface inspection and surface analysis for different production areas

The detection and classification of complex and low-contrast errors places the highest demands on the systems used. The tried-and-tested ELSIS system for surface analysis optimizes the processes on production systems and guarantees quality monitoring without gaps.


Our ELSIS surface inspection is based on the highly robust OL 60 line scan camera. The extremely modular structure (each camera is an independent image processing system that communicates via Ethernet with the ELSIS server and with the other cameras in the system) delivers an extremely compact design for the inspection lines. 

Area of use

Systems for surface analysis are used in the fields of film production, coating systems, non-woven and paper industry and in the manufacture and processing of metal, hygiene non-wovens and films.


A surface analysis system is normally installed after a process for quality control. Depending on the particular task, the web surface for surface inspection is detected using either incident light or transmitted light. The key to a successful surface analysis is the scanning angle to the surface of the web and the arrangement of the light source.