The Erhardt+Leimer Group has been using inspection cameras for guiding, web viewing and inspection technologies for over 30 years. The companies’ expertise ranges from hardware development of cameras controllers, trigger boards and lighting technologies, software development for detection algorithms, defect classifications and HMI interfaces, to application implementation and machine integration into varies processes of web and sheet fed industries. This expertise has now been integrated into the world of Corrugating by utilizing proven hardware and software packages and applying them to Corrugating Converting and machinery, such as Printing Machines, Die Cutters, Gluers and Folders as well as Inline Boxmaker machines. The applications range from Print Inspection of print quality, color drift, defects, hickies, scratches etc. “Print to Die Cut Accuracy”, Glue Application Inspection and Manufacturers Gap Inspection of the folded box.


The E+L PGS-CORR system is designed to automatically inspect complex shapes, print and die cut patterns to ensure repeatable quality of web or sheet processes. The high resolution color camera can be applied as a single fixed mounted sensing head, inspecting a defined area of interest or on a moving sensing support to enable the operation to sense area’s across a wide web or sheet width. Multiple camera head design and control algorithm can be applied to ensure quality in different areas of the repeat and/or with different tolerance settings at the same time. The control algorithm will compare the live scan with a pre-programmed master image (golden template) and log inaccuracies in reference to tolerances and thresholds that can be freely defined. Outputs for automatic rejection devices, alarm horns or alarms lights or even machine control signals can be defined as needed.  

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