Optimal Printing with Sustainable Profitability

Densitometry is the measuring technique applied most often for color control in the printing industry, because of the direct dependence between the density and the thickness of the ink film. Especially the inline control at highest printing speeds and the measurement of the whole color control bar with every revolution offer new fields of process automation in offset printing. ELPRINT deCon as a state-ofthe- art measuring system offers all these features. A special CMYK camera system is mounted on a wear-free stepping motor driven traverse bar, moving at highest speeds. ELPRINT deCon scans all measuring fields of the whole color control bar step by step. A more effective version of ELPRINT deCon is the configuration as MultiHead, an overlapping array of several CMYK cameras to provide the full speed potential of measuring the color density of the whole color control strip across the full webwidth with every rotation - especially during the machine set-up.

Color Quality Control in Real-Time

Since 2006, ELPRINT spectraCon is the first spectrophotometric inline color and color density measuring system. It allows permanent high speed control of production and consequently supports the printer with a consistent print quality. The visualization of the measuring positions is realized with an additional CCDviewing- camera to position ELPRINT spectra- Con and define the measuring fields. ELPRINT spectraCon provides the spectral measurement of the entire print sheet! The easy- to-use color and quality control instrument and the fast system set-up assists the printer in better printing and quality reliability with extensive quality reports.

Print with brilliant quality

ELPRINT regiCon is the ideal system for color register adjustments. The unique and userfriendly system design allows an intuitive operation without long training periods ELPRINT regiCon is based on latest digital high-resolution CCD-camera technology. This cutting-edge technology even allows measurements in Webfed Offset printing machines directly after the last printing unit and in front of the dryer what in turn drastically cuts reaction times down to split seconds.