Web Monitoring OMS 4

Web Monitoring OMS 4
Product description
  • For use in the printing industry in label and packaging printing machines
  • Camera system with two 5-megapixel cameras for wide-angle and teleview ranges
  • Lag-free digital zooming per mouse wheel or touch screen
  • Select flash systems with various web surfaces
  • Operation with mouse, command station or touch monitor
  • Synchronization via cog, print mark, initiator or shaft encoder
Technical Specifications
  OM 4110/111/120
Camera 2x5 megapixels, color with digital zoom

47 µm/ 550 dpi, 13 µm/ 2060 dpi

34 µm/ 732 dpi, 10 µm/ 1747 dpi

47 µm/ 550 dpi, 13 µm/ 2060 dpi

Field of view W 120x90 mm/ 90x67,5 mm/ 120x90 mm
T  32x24 mm/ 24x18 mm/ 32x24 mm
FlashLight field/ light field/ dark field
Protection class IP 40
Web surface Paper, labels/paper, labels/film
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