Spreading system LG 06

Spreading system LG 06
Product description
  • Compact spreading system for fold-free spreading and edge opening of dry to wet woven and knitted fabrics, in painted steel or stainless steel version
  • Infinitely adjustable spreading effect through contra-rotating spreading rollers with rotating bearings 
  • No residual soiling through tight-fitting profile shape
  • Different profile radii for careful or intensive spreading effect
  • No markings on the web through overlapping profiles in the roller center
Technical Specifications
Operating width OW 1000 to 3600 mm
Ambient temperature +0 °C to +60 °C 
Operating conditions Damp, wet
Turning speed of spreading rollers 213 rpm, 255 rpm
Power consumption 0.55 KW
Operating voltage 220-242/380 - 420 V,                       254 - 280/440 - 480 V
Supply voltage 3x400 V DC, 50/60 Hz
Protection class IP 54
Basic material Stainless steel V2A
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