Line scan camera OL 82

Line scan camera OL 82
Product description
  •  CCD line scan camera for the acquisition of guiding criteria on moving webs. Can be used for position acquisition, web guiding and width measurement
  • Interference-free detection of web edges, ribs, printed lines or watermarks in the field of view of the camera
  • Wide range of applications, as up to 32 events can be detected in the measuring range at the same time
  • High degree of flexibility due to choice of lenses with a focal length of 28 or 50 mm
  • Monochrome CCD array chip with 5150 pixels; plus 8-fold sub-pixel evaluation referred to the measuring range
Technical Specifications
Quantity Pixel  5150
Resolution in sub-pixels 8-times sub-pixel rendering 
Lens f= 28/50 mm 
Minimum distance to web 300 mm (lens f = 28 mm), 500 mm (lens f = 50 mm)
Relative measuring accuracy of edge position with lens correction 10 to 90 % of the measuring range ±0.02 %
Cycle time 0.6 ms (1 camera), 1.2 ms (2 cameras
Active chip length 36.05 mm 
Spectral range 400 to 850 nm
Spectral maximum 500 nm
Interface to the camera computer APIX
Distance between camera and camera computer max. 20 m 
Weight 1.0 kg
Protection class IP 54 when connected
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C 
Dimensions (camera) ø 88x141 mm 
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